A Multicultural Society

A Multicultural Society


A society where all people are equal and no one is judged.

It isn't a partnership between natives and other immigrant ethnic groups.

It is a place where everyone lives letting the others living as well, where every mind is open.

Nobody criticizes anybody, everyone can behave spontaneously and all people are equal.

It is not a matter of peace or pacifist concept, not a matter of defining equal what is not.

We are not talking about racial integration, but a huge group of individuals living as a whole.

Individuals eating when are hungry, moving by public transport.

They do not look the others with inquisitorial eyes: one naked, one wearing a jacket, one with designer clothes, one is homeless.

They eat the same food around the same table, greet each other and continue to live in their multicultural society.


THEIR society, because we still do not have the luxury and the pleasure of enjoying it.

This is BERLIN…





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